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What Are Car Auctions?

The main draw of car auctions with Motus is price, as auctions make it possible to purchase a vehicle for less than a dealership or even a private seller would sell it for. Motus Auto Auctions is one of South Africa’s leading online entry points for people looking to buy vehicles at car auctions. Here’s a breakdown on how they work.

Car Auction Registration

To register as an auction buyer you will need a R5,000 refundable deposit, which can be paid using credit/debit cards or online payments. Motus Auto Auctions also require proof of identity and address as well as FICA documents.  

Deposit Refund

If you did not buy at the auction, your deposit will be returned to you on request, refunds can take from 1-7 working days to reflect. Remember that if you bid and win, you are in a legal agreement and must follow through with the whole process. In the case that the auctioneer confirmed the bidding price and you were the highest successful bidder but did not take delivery of the car, your deposit will be forfeited and you may be blacklisted at financial institutions. If you do purchase a vehicle, the deposit can be put towards settling the payment. 


For the Timed Online Auction you bid by simply clicking the bid button. For physical auctions wait for the auctioneer to announce the vehicle you want, place a cone on it and begin the bidding. Place bids by raising your hand when the auctioneer calls a bid amount that you’re happy with. 


Payment can be made by bank guaranteed cheque, EFT payments, or a release note from a reputable financial institution. All purchases must be paid for in full and collected within two days of the car auction. 

Terms And Conditions Of A Car Auctions

Cars sold at auction are sold on a ‘what you see is what you get’ basis, inspect the vehicle carefully before purchasing as no claims may be made after the sale. Motus Auto Auctions gives no guarantee as to the date of first registration, year of manufacture or the odometer reading being accurate. The auctioneer is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the description of goods. For more information on what car auctions are or to register for Motus Auto Auctions next car auction, visit the Motus Auto Auctions website today to see when our next car auctions will be held.

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